Welcome to East Mission Improvement Association, the neighborhood group that is uniting the Mission.

Please join us in shaping our future and preserving the rich cultural heritage rich cultural heritage our predecessors created in the neighborhood we love. To do this we put our differences aside and work together on solutions.

Many of us grew up in the Mission and have always called this place home. Others came for the art, the sun, and the family friendly welcoming environment. We came to sample the unique food and entertainment, and were immediately drawn to the colorful homes, shops, and alleys  decorated by murals by artists from many parts of the globe.

We found an affordable working class home ripe with possibilities and promises of a bright future. We walked with confidence on clean streets, watching the fog creeping over the hills, knowing we were safe from its long fingers, protected by the rays of the sun. We knew and trusted our neighbors and allowed our children to play outdoors with their friends in our backyards.

Now we are dealing with changes that are casting a shadow over our lives. Knowing how the system works is half the battle. EMIA has experienced capable members and allies who are willing to help us in our efforts to stay in our homes, preserve the art on our streets and the classic quaint historic buildings and lifestyle we love. Please join us, meet your neighbors, find out what is going on and how you can shape the future of the Mission.